07.02.10: four ways of looking at a sockshund

sockshund for Q: aerial view

one: from above.

sockshund for Q: belly view

two: from below.

sockshund for Q: nose view

three: snout first.

sockshund for Q: window view

four: as he's looking for tugboats.

tonight the sockshund is accompanying joe and me to arizona, where he'll be tasked with supervising our impossibly wee nephew, quentin. i'm calling early dibs on being the auntie who makes reasonably symmetrical companions out of socks, and on being the referent when quentin's class reads lord of the flies and they all start saying "sucks to your auntie!" - i mean, i hope they do that. i still do.


Amanda said...

One (FDR avec dapper green bow) is the big winner to my mind, though the photo four, ahem, tugs at my heartstrings somewhat unreasonably. It's done its duty well.

Also, we (i.e., Quentin, FDR, Polyphemus, and I) await with love your upcoming illustrated story, Quentin the Impossibly Wee Nephew. Many thanks in advance.

esb said...

WOW. I love him from below, but the snout view really rocks too.

esb said...

maybe I'll finish that damn elephant this weekend.

yeah right.

jamie said...

four, he is like steve nash. will you be my aunt?

rachel (heart of light) said...

From below! Dog bellies always get me (even when they are made of socks).

LPC said...

#1, because he looks like Piglet. An endearing creature I didn't realize was supposed to be a pig until I was over 40.

Celia said...

from below brings sweet tears of happiness to my eyes. 

Peonies said...

I love him, in all of his slightly-creepy-golfing-socks glory.