101 in 1001: 013 donate platelets at least 12 times [completed 03.26.08]
finishing this one was kind of emotional, internets: the new york blood center and i have been through a lot together (particularly tiny bags of cheez-its and viewings of the transporter). this isn't the end of my platelet donation career, to be sure, but if i succeed in becoming ridiculously fit and get a celebratory tattoo, i'll be disqualified for at least a year (getting tattooed in a foreign country, now that i think about it, could bump me for good). i wanted to take some commemorative photos of my blood crawling through the lost in space tubes in the apheresis machine, but i didn't want to creep out the techs; maybe bodily fluid portraits will make the next list. or not.

101 in 1001: 017 work out at a gym at least 100 times [completed 03.30.08]
i should've put more into banging this one out before getting hitched back in '06; a few workouts a week would have been good prep work for, y'know, the most expensive photo session of our lives. that said, becoming a gym rat now got me past smoking when i finally decided to quit, and it's hard to regret that. it's scary to think of the shape my system was in when i first dug ye olde spandex pants out of the closet this fall: my pulse climbed over 200 for the first week or so, and i'd get numbness down one side during serious cardio (stupid to push that hard, i know). but! i can now tool away as furiously as i like. my little tyrannosaurus arms are developing real muscles (i made like wabes and took up rowing; since i still plan to go to iceland,* i'm, um, rowing there from new york in my head.) i have not lost reality-tv-worthy amounts of weight (women in my family muscle up before slimming down, which...is hard on our pants), but i won't say you can't bounce a quarter off of my ass.

*for my celebratory "no smoking hot damn look at all this money!" trip. it's going to take a while to save, thank you currency market, but it will happen.


Meg said...

Yay yay and yay!

wabes said...

dude, isn't the rowing just lovely? (even if it took you two years to warm up to it...). i'm so glad you like it...with the secret hope that someone can relate to my weird bliss. for us big-shouldered gals, it's just made to make us happy. and give us muscles.

and thanks for the idea: i'll be throwing quarters at your ass as a means to throw off your dart game in, oh, a scant 10 days. watch out, gaf.

sara said...

way to go, lau! :)