101 in 1001: 010 attend a taping of (jon stewart's) the daily show [completed 03.12.08]

101 in 1001

being in yesterday's daily show audience with joe, george, and sister em was exponentially more fun than sunday's colon cancer challenge (or the anal walk, as it is better known among my friends) was unfun, so...i'm still ahead for the week, hooray! i'd like to say that i planned for us to have tickets the day after primaries and the day of spitzer's resignation* (the latter would have been particularly impressive on my part), but the truth is that i made a beeline for the reservations website as soon as the writers' strike ended and nabbed the first open date i found. they really put the fear of god in you, those reservations robots: i got several e-reminders of the blood oath i'd sworn to attend the 3/12 show, and yesterday's message warned me that failure to cancel or appear would result in my being blocked from future shows (and killed). the comedy central production assistants are fearsome in their own way, too: i wanted a picture of the (surprisingly non-tacky-looking) set, but several people in our section got their cameraphones yoinked when they tried to shoot, and i am a great big (stealthless) chicken.**

jon stewart himself seems, unsurprisingly, like an extremely nice guy: he answered audience questions for several minutes before the show and came back when it was over to call an audience member's husband (who was home with their six kids while she visited new york city - that's what he was referencing at the beginning of his on-air monologue). he's also extremely funny off-camera, and didn't look nearly as teeny up close as everyone warned me he would. long story short, he is still my boyfriend; in fact, since i can no longer ignore the fact that james carville looks like a ridley scott creature and have finally deboyfriended him, jon can have two spots. he has earned them.

*the "tainted gov" sequence ("eliot spitzer has one last weekend to throw the biggest orgy albany has ever seen") was eighties movie trailer brilliance.

**the one photo i did get right before we entered the studio is, though grainy and cameraphone-y, extremely representative of the situation on 11th avenue. that's not a blue tint, that's how cold it actually was outside.


g said...

jodie still hasn't forgiven me for forgetting to ask jon stewart if he would leave his wife and move up to maine and marry her instead.

Meg said...

He's marrying me. And he IS tiny. Perhaps you were wearing magnification glasses?