the dirty dozen: spring back, fall forward

01 my new blogcrush is dinnerslut's marne (a seattle gal who writes about asking strangers to buy her food). i've liked every entry i've read so far, but my favorite is this one, for this:
I wonder if there will ever be a day where I can deal with my own problems without stacking them up against someone else's. I like to make lists and use hyperbole, though, so probably not.

02 speaking of sharing things with strangers, i've been in a work situation that's mostly unique to people who work for ladymags: our site features blog posts about a few of my colleagues' sex lives (they write under assumed names, but they're no secret in the office). we aren't the most transgressive publication (cough), so the content isn't usually that racy, but getting the occasional searing detail about ladies i'm really only comfortable seeing in a conference room or next to the xerox machine is, as the poets say, squicky. and said searing details really don't leave your head (seriously, corned beef?).

03 speaking of sex, i think brand-new governor paterson is oversharing. after all that's happened with spitzer in the last few weeks, i can get behind some disclosure: mentioning his infidelity as a general proposition was understandable and maybe even smart. mentioning that some of the women are now state employees? also prudent, maybe. that he hooked up at the days inn: starting to sound like bragging?

04 speaking of the days inn,

adventures with instant food: 'eco farmed' lundberg risotto
+ only six grams of fat in the whole box!
+ requires less attention than regular risotto does (a few well-timed stirs rather than twenty minutes of vigilance).
+ $2.19 (considerably cheaper than fully homemade risotto).
+ joe sez: "smells good!"
- due to dehydrated ingredients, tastes more like pilaf.
- takes more like 30 minutes to cook (=ten minutes of vigilance).
- needs fresh parmesan to really get tasty, so $2.19 is a lie.
verdict: a solid addition to a disaster preparedness kit (provided that your kit also includes olive oil and a big wok). not quite a no-fuss sexy dinner.

how about you, internets? any new sites, sex scandals, dehydrated food this week?


tom said...

I'm more surprised that there's a Days Inn in Manhattan. I suspect that the price for such a place would far outstrip the value. For the same price, there could have been a rather primo hotel night in Albany. (Downside, as always: it's in Albany.)

And I'm with you on the corned beef thing. Pasta has the capacity for being sexy. Certain salad materials, too. Corned beef, by its very nature, only has the capacity to be weird -- in any context. It's in the same league as, "well, you could do that with a rutabaga..."

And speaking of which -- poor Cornell. My sister and brother-in-law are seriously bumming after last night. But, at least they have the International Rutabaga Curling Championship to fall back on, provided the bonspiel can avoid any doping scandals:

"Only rutabagas are allowed to be used in the competition. Turnips, any other variety of root vegetable, or member of the Cruciferae family will not be permitted. Contestants are encouraged to supply their own rutabagas, though vendors may be on hand to provide suitable rutabagas for competition. Modification of the rutabaga is acceptable so long as the rutabaga is always able to roll on every axis. Steroids are prohibited and any such use will subject the rutabaga to immediate withdrawal."


lauren said...

as a matter of fact, there used to be a days inn right across 8th avenue from us: we fled there and spent the night when the boiler in our basement caught on fire in the winter of '03-'04. we totally did the cheesy pretend-meowing thing so that the clerk wouldn't know we were smuggling two cats. it worked (or the clerk took pity on us)! and the room was only about $100.

no one had sex with state employees, as far as i recall.

babyjo said...

re: dehydrated food, my new favorite late night snack is instant mashed potatoes. quick, easy, cheap, and there is almost always something in the fridge that will make a good topping (chives, onions, cheese of some sort, sour cream, etc.)

god bless the mash po's.

sara said...

scandals? me working every day of finals week should have been a scandal. har har. no matter, i survived and it's all over.

dried foods? just trail mix with dried cherries from trader joe's. or, does oatmeal count? i'm about to go make breakfast.

maggie said...

OK, I'm officially intrigued by the phenomenon of a *lesbian* dinnerslut.

lauren said...

@maggie: me too. it seems like she successfully removed a creepy element from the experiment by limiting her respondents to (one of) her peer group(s). which is not to say that lesbians can't be creepy too, but i raise my eyebrows much higher at the men of craigslist.