101 in 1001: 038 participate in a charity walk [completed 03.09.08]

101 in 1001

after wrapping one of the ugliest work weeks in recent memory (we're closing a particularly hefty issue of the ladymag, and approved text trickled in even more slowly than it usually does), i was looking forward to a restful weekend. i expected the universe to be extra-kind to me, truth be told, because i was going to be doing the colon cancer challenge on sunday. sadly, it's been about a year since i last tumbled down the stairs in front of our apartment,* and i really do have to do that annually, so i ate it (best fall yet!) saturday afternoon on the way to meet george and joe on the upper west side. i'm so accustomed to doing this that it doesn't really bother me any more: i just said "i'm okay!" to the handful of people who'd seen me and headed to the subway.

did you know that a skinned knee makes new york lose its shit? a skinned knee makes new york lose its shit. i ripped a hole in my tights when i fell, and a hole in black tights is kind of noticeable, but damn. several people offered to kiss my knee (shudder), several more yelled helpful things like AW YOU GOT A HOLE IN YOUR TIGHTS AND YOUR LEG BLEEDIN' THROUGH!, and people on the train (and at the shoe store uptown, when i finally got there) looked at me like i was deranged. go home and change after you eat pavement, internets, even if it makes you late, because the world can't deal with owies.

so, restful weekend, not so much. i had to be up at 7:30 for ye olde cancer walk on sunday morning, central park was colder than a witch's tit, i was trampled by mean post-run participants who cared more about their bagels than about not stepping on my face, et cetera. the lesson of this list item is that i should stick to the treadmill and the united way, which...fine by me.

i still love you, though.

*our stoop, such as it is, is made of slick corrugated metal, and any sort of precipitation (such as saturday's biblical rain) turns it into my personal death trap.


wabes said...

oh, honey - nothing like a city boo-boo to make you hate the visibility of a city. people don't get that noticing does not = caring. i was lucky that no one saw me bite it in front of my grocery store, when the metal-wire hoop of danger ensnared my unsuspecting feet last fall, but they did see me hobbling home, which was enough.

i went with neosporin and a bag of peas to ice my bruises. what was your balm of choice?

...and we still love you, too.

lauren said...

when joe sat down to try on a pair of stan smiths at the shoe store, i used him as cover to whip out a jumbo moist towelette from daisy may's BBQ. ever stick something random in your purse and know in your bones that it'll come in especially handy someday? yeah.