if only we had a fancy wedding scrapbook. from the kidchamp mailbag:
Hi LaurenNYC,

Know the review of Nanford Guest House in Oxford you wrote on TripAdvisor? You weren’t the only one who thought it was a dump!

Nanford Guest House was chosen by millions of travelers as one of the Dirtiest Hotels of 2008! Think that hotel was scummy? Wait ‘till you see which other filthy finds made the top 10 list!

i'd like to point out that we took the "go big or go home" approach to shitty-hotel-visiting: we didn't stay at one of the dirtiest hotels on our scouting trip with my mom, we stayed at THE dirtiest hotel. that's just how we roll.


sharon said...

Dirtiest Hotel 2008 FTW!

sara said...

dude, that's awesome! and you lived to tell the tale!