(not quite) twelve things (i have been carrying around in my bag):

01 a postcard advertising herbert hoover's hand cast pewter food. i met herb when i was one of the lucky people who got to bust magazine's holiday craftacular before a horde of hipsters with strollers made it impossible to see or shop for anything. he sold me a pewter pretzel that became part of my sister's boyfriend's christmas present. said sister's boyfriend gave me a titanium spork, proving that there is order in this universe of ours.

02-03 two mini-cds from douglas's dark beloved cloud records: DBC250 (the cannanes) and DBC252 (melt-banana with fat day). the dbc singles club is pretty nifty:
Every month or two, you'll get a 3-inch (small!) CD (like the current Singing Catalogue--yes, they play in virtually any CD player). They're songs exclusive to these singles, and they're by some pretty amazing bands. Small, simple, cute, great.

And how do you get them? You can get a six-disc subscription to the dbc singles club by sending us your name, your address, and six hand-decorated 3" x 3" cards. They will, in turn, become the "cover artwork" for six other subscribers' singles.

04 an old vinyl pouch painted to look like a nintendo controller. no story here, unless "full of tampons" is a story.

05-07 three cards from joe's aunt's videography business. when we were in arizona in december, she presented us with a dvd of our wedding ceremony (adapted from another aunt's footage); when you're at the title screen, dave matthews band's "crazy" plays in the background.* i secretly hoped i'd never see actual footage from the wedding - i liked my subjective memory of it - but i wanted to be polite, so we let 'er roll (with joe's extended family watching - no pressure!). i wasn't nearly as freaky-looking or -sounding as i'd feared i'd be, but i was shocked by how fast everything was - we all barreled down the aisle, and joe and i both nodded so frequently and so quickly that we looked like we were about to flee the country. i thought weddings were supposed to seem to fly by (at least to the couple themselves) and actually take a while - whuh?

08-10 three don ho polynesian palace souvenir lowball glasses. we found three of these at the city opera thrift shop shortly after we moved to the city; i get a few more via ebay every few years. we don't really drink cocktails, but they're spiffy for wine (i avoid stemmed glassware, having never really recovered from the trauma of breaking my gorgeous 21st birthday gift glasses from val and grant roughly ten minutes after receiving them).

11 little i mirror mints, snagged from the free shit table here at the ladymag. life after cigarettes is pretty cool, but without daily trips to the smoke shop around the corner, i keep forgetting to stock up on tic tacs and matches (crucial for a smoker, important to a smoke-free garlic fiend who decorates with candles). mirror mints, you are no tic tacs.

12 on my digital camera, in an ugly sequined pouch from my ex-boss, the darts boys. i did not force this shot, internets; they came to me.

*...no comment.


valya said...

oh dear. re: the glasses, it was hardly your fault. and i don't really remember, but i bet i could have reacted more gracefully. besides, one shouldn't be held accountable for what happens on one's 21st birthday.

lauren said...

no, you were fine! it was just so silly: i had a jacket tied around my waist, and when i turned around it swept the glasses off of a low table. not even a good story - just clumsy.

sharon said...

i think "full of tampons" is a story and i eagerly await more detailed coverage at 11.

thank you.