via douglas, it's the 'five things you didn't know about me' meme! here are mine:

001 my co-delegate and i always brought a rubber chicken (crammed into my briefcase) to our high school model UN conferences. we called him earl, and used him frequently in security council speeches; he eventually wore out (his head fell off). his replacement was also called earl.

002 joe and i watched the shining on TV a few nights before we left for our wedding. i was so nervous about the upcoming ceremony (people staring at us!) that i kept fantasizing about how lovely it would be to get stuck at the overlook hotel instead (maybe even if jack nicholson was running around - to me, he was the least scary thing about that movie). the patterns in the carpet looked so warm and comforting.

003 i'm severely allergic to nickel. whoop, mentioned that in the faq. okay, an alternate: my first distributed poem (it was included at the front of a welcome packet to my elementary school), a product of my brief but intense hippie phase, closed with i want it to end so the fighting will cease / because i hate war and because i love peace. the fact that it scanned was nice, but - yeah. another kid wrote a song called "fight'in for the flag" - to this day, that apostrophe bothers me almost as much as my bad poem does.

004 i cross my eyes when i cut out and discard the "previous day's solution" to the times crossword puzzle, just in case i end up picking up yesterday's paper (wouldn't want to know any of the answers ahead of time).

005 for most of childhood, i was terrified of kraken. since i wasn't on, say, a submarine crew, i didn't worry about running into one - but i had to handle my encyclopedia of mythological beasts really carefully so as not to accidentally see a picture of one. if i did, i'd have tentacly nightmares for weeks.

for the passing-it-on portion of our program, i'm pointing at jen, wabes, sara, tom, and hannah (and anyone, bloggy or otherwise, who wants to play along). drop a link in the comments section if you like, or drop the whole darn thing there. tag!


Baby jo said...

ok, i'll play.

1. in fifth grade, i won second place in a contest held by some youth space education association (?) where the winner would get to go to space camp in florida. my entry? a colored pencil drawing of what the aliens on neptune look like along with their daily activities. i recall that they were ice skating and sitting in beach chairs with scarves on.

2. i have a freckle (or rather a group of 3 freckles close together) in the shape of a heart on my right ass cheek.

3. when i was in high school, i played on the girls' water polo team. whenever we would lose an away game, the set-guard and i would pee in our opponent's pool before getting out.

4. i think shark week is the best week of the whole year, and i lose my shit everytime they show a clip of a great white jumping out of the water with a seal in its mouth.

5. my arm span is 6 inches longer than my height. when things fall behind shelves and dressers, i'm the one who gets to retrieve them.

lauren said...

re: tom's #4, i'd have been at sea with pud as well. without context, i'd have guessed that guys don't even have them; no more elizabethan lit for me.

re: tom's #4, jo's #2: i had to research this today; mercifully, i didn't have to test it.

lauren said...

procedural note: wabes's list is here.

lauren said...

procedural note no. 2: jen's list is her jan. 12th entry.

lauren said...

procedural note no. C: hannah starts here. it got brung!