as you've undoubtedly heard, thanks to ye olde manhattan-centric media, it's frigid (and was the coldest morning in two years, apparently) in the nyc. it's currently 18 degrees, though the wind is really complementing that quite savagely (it feels like 2).* this is nothing compared to what jen endures in chicago, of course, but we lily-livered locals are at defcon 3.**

my question of the day, then, is what's your outfit for Ze Coldest Day? doesn't matter if you're here, really - much like creepy internet predators, i'm still interested in what you're wearing.

as for me, i'm in:

a camo-print thermal shirt that was too small for the missus
a black b-rep tee shirt
handy-dandy $5 mossimo jeans from a ladymag fashion closet sale
gold toe lawyer socks, stolen from joe or my dad
black and yellow gola sneakers
a white cashmere scarf from the in-laws
my beloved black moschino pea coat, newly ninja'ed (read: i de-jingled the buttons with some spare thread)

and you?

*i always giggle when they say that on the news, like "it's gonna feel like the twenties out there!" - i imagine street sweepers doing the charleston and making booze on the sly.

**i've had stephen malkmus's "phantasies" in my head all morning: "wake up early in karakatu, alaska / we put our masks on to welcome the dawn - aaaauuuugggh!"


Baby jo said...

alright, ready to be mildly nostalgic about your socal past?

it's about 65 degrees here and i am wearing jeans, low-heeled mary janes, a short sleeved button up black top, and my dorky tortoise-frame glasses.

actually, come to think of it, i look quite cute today (and i'm not afraid to say it). i am also not cold.

take that, new york! point for socal.

p.s. joe's shirt didn't fit? shame. my lawn-chair-adorned coin purse fits me quite well.

tom said...

Outfit for 18 degrees? Jeans, shirt, sweater. Hat, if there's a slight breeze. My full weather gear doesn't get out of bed for less than a 5-below wind chill.

[Though I do question the sanity of Shirtless Bears Fan, circa last weekend. Fashion-wise, anyway.]

lauren said...

baby jo, i believe his exact words were "SAUSAGE TIME!" - i can't imagine this thing fitting a boy. works out well for me, though.

wabes said...

favorite bigstar jeans
black belt
tan & black stripey stretchy turtleneck shirt
regular-day black socks
black slipper-like shoes
a big fucking down coat
mom's magenta scarf
black wool-lined gloves

for me, the weather is the big coat, and blow-drying my hair so i don't freeze when i leave the house.

and, this may be too much, but i don't care. i have this hilarious pair of marks & spencer undies that say "handbags & gladrags" in very small letters, above a drawing of a girly purse and a martini glass. i don't understand it, but it's friday, damn it.

G said...

1) jeans, natch
2) grey t-shirt
3) wicked cool dot-com nostalgia fleece:
remember kozmo.com? They may have
flamed out, but the fleece survived
the wreckage!
4) brownsocks, brownshoes combo

jen said...

oh, grantino, i remember kozmo.com so fondly. 3 mouse clicks on kosmo.com, and a dude on a skateboard would arrive at my door 15 minutes later with a pint of ben & jerry's and a buffy DVD. life was good.

anyway, 18 degrees is not so scary on the scary-cold scale for us crazy chicago people. it was about that here this morning, and since i'm a lazy bad person and i commute to work by car, my cold weather gear was pretty ordinary: jeans, wool sweater, wool knee-length coat (would have worn the down coat but it was stinky from being in a bar last night), scarf, hat, mittens.

scarf-hat-mittens is pretty much the rule in chicago from october through may here. my coats are categorized by temperature brackets:

60-70: leather jacket
50-60: leather jacket with a hoodie sweater lining it
35-50: knee-length wool coat
20-35: knee-length down puffer
0-20: add the fur-trimmed hood to the down coat, and layer a polar fleece jacket under the down coat
below 0: i try not to leave the house

0-20 is also when the baggy-old-lady-but-oh-so-comfy silk underwear kicks in. or the fleece-lined chinos. they are beautiful beautiful thing.

tom said...

Maybe I am not Mr. Science or anything, but wouldn't silk underwear be colder than cotton or some linen type of deal?

lauren said...

we're not talking sex kitten silk underwear, we're talking the woven long-sleeved stuff that looks a lot like cotton (but somehow traps warmth well, maybe with a tighter weave?). the science escapes me, but wabes's shirt seems quite warm (she demo'ed when i read your comment to her on friday - yeah, something about the fridays). i refuse to wear long underwear, unless it's as outerwear, so i'm not the most satisfying answer gal for this.

hold up - linen underwear?!

tom said...

Hey look. I'm not Mr. Fashion, either--I was thinking something heavier and more weatherproof than flimsy (albeit non-sex-kittenish) silk.

But, apparently, I am not so far off. And, as a matter of fact, linen is not so much a clothing fabric as it is a long-time companion. According to the Irish Linen Board (or Commission or Foundation or Something), per http://www.irishlinen.co.uk/lifestyle/ --

"Irish Linen is a wondrous fabric, touching every element of our lives. It is synonymous with elegance and comfort, and the longer it is worn the more beautiful it becomes. Linen is as appropriate today as it was for the Egyptians who first developed linen as a true lifestyle fabric. It has a staying power that is second to none, and is definitely one of life's best friends."

tom said...

Ah! Read the top line. Irish Linen Guild. Not Board or Commission or Foundation or Some Other Grouping Other Than Guild.

[Yes. They fucking hate the Linen Guild of Ireland. Fine.]

lauren said...

oh aye, linen is a time-honored choice for a lot of things (though, given how easily it wrinkles, i don't really seek it out - i don't like to iron). linen shirts? okay. linen pants? sounds like a hamptons party to me, but okay. linen chonies, now? i mean, wool is one of life's best friends for me, but i'm not wearing it on my arse!

wabes said...

I have to amend my earlier breezier cold-weather comment. When I got home from the library and was preparing to actually venture out into the weather, I changed into:

thermal socks with "moose" written on them
black silk long-underwear tank
brown cotton tank
brown chunky cashmere turtleneck (thanks mom)
weatherproof mid-calf boots

it's just that the wind is so vicious uptown...

and for the record, linen undies, yow.

tom said...

All right, all right, all right. I am a certified moron, in all things clothing related. Happy?

[quiet, plaintive whimper]

jen said...

linen underwear? is that like a hair shirt? i always imagined that the secret religious underwear that mormons wear would be made of scratchy white linen. but then, i never got sufficiently cozied up to any mormon boys in high school to find out just what the deal with that was.

in tom's defense, i left out the word "long" in my original description - i meant, silk LONG underwear (hence the baggy-old-lady description).

the rest of the details about my underthings are not up for discussion. :)