celebrities v. giant inflatable rats, the midtown errands edition.
the unions hate hate hate the building just east of my place here at casa de ladymag, so i had to stop counting their rats individually - they had a different one up in the same spot every day for two weeks (again, i think they need to look into organizing parades). not a group to ignore opportunities, the celebrities rushed in while they had the advantage. as i pinballed between 6th and 9th avenue getting last-minute christmas fripperies (on, say, the 26th), i passed michael emerson (ben, the leader of the others, on lost) in three different crosswalks. given his most well-known character,* it kind of made sense. on the phone with jake this afternoon, i passed carson kressley on 9th avenue in wraparound shades and a shearling jacket (him, not me - god). i was tempted to stop him and ask if i really should grow my hair back, as 75% of the duane reade employees who see my driver's license contend, but i remembered in the nick of time that one should never talk to famous strangers.

rats: 4.5
star: 10

on celebrities, i discovered emily holton today while following links from learning to love you more. her karl lagerfeld drawings (click on 'drawings' at far left from her main page) are bloody marvelous - go, bask in the awesome!

*though we mustn't forget that he was the gorilla man in 29th and gay as well.


tom said...

Apropos of nothing, but according to Gawker, Bravo's killing off Queer Eye.

lauren said...

indeed. i'd been wondering how long they'd be able to continue mining the outer boroughs for renaissance faire types...