1: you know, i wasn't into piz sniffing veronica's butt for a while there, but i think i'm behind him now.
2: i'd be behind him more if he got a haircut. he has female newscaster hair.

we inherited a gargantuan wardrobe from our friendly neighbor across the hall. since nude ikea stuff frightens me, we gave it a deer head; i call him julius. if you need a deer head in YOUR life, you know, we can make that happen.

julius the disembodied deer head


valya said...

agreed on the piz thing. as much as i love(d) logan, i'm getting sick of the soap-opera drama! not looking forward to next week's episode (as much).

lauren said...

see, i love logan (okay, jason dohring, except for the scientology thing) so much it hurts, but i'm not sure that V is good for him. piz seems to have his shit together enough to handle the neurotic lady crimefighter.

piz also had the best line from this week's ep: "everything above san francisco is thunderdome to you, isn't it?"

ostracized in the oc said...

what the heck? ok, first, i check your site religiously. yet, i did not see this post yesterday or the day before. am i going nuts? do you backdate?

lauren said...

you are probably going nuts, but yes, i did backdate this one a day. usually i don't.