feliz ano novo, friends - after a week of but a single covert visit to my computer at the office, it's good to be back in touch. your company is particularly delightful in joe's absence (he's with his parents in arizona for a week - i couldn't afford the ticket or the days out of the office). over the long weekend, like a primitive community whose only missionary succumbed to the local plague, i found myself reverting to the basest customs and practices (recycling pants, consuming only vegan chili, weeping at the end of both what a girl wants and flashdance). coming back to work today got me into a clean pair of socks, at least, but i'm still communicating mostly in clicks and growls. fortunately, this is somewhat expected after the holidays.

spending new year's eve alone was surprisingly nice. i was invited both uptown and downtown, but as the evening wore on and the police started blocking the streets around the apartment, i recommitted to doing as i did for the blackout of '03: i surrounded myself with candles and cats and ignored the crazy-ass yelling outside. i felt a bit lame when i stuck my head out of the window at 12:00 and everyone was kissing in worldwide plaza - robert doisneau via hell's kitchen - but i liked ending the year on a solitary, contemplative note. well, solitary and contemplative with a few breaks for tony's x-men game. apocalypse won't defeat himself.

and yours?

ps: tom's got a new (daily political) blog - huzzah!


wabes said...

ah, but your list of recent reads reveals what your posts do not -- you have been eating books, as well as vegan chili!

...i've got a few lists you could do some damage on, if you're up for reading and summarizing books on the theme of germany 1870-1945 or, say, colonialism: theory & practice.

lauren said...

only the hodgman counts, really - the other two were for work (a cookie for you if you can guess which of the recent dozen were recreational vs. official). my casual reading skills are so blighted that it's taken me two nights to read one of five short novels of stendhal (note: the whole book clocks in at about 275 pages). if i resolved to do things for the new year, i'd resolve to get my ass in gear.

i'll summarize happily, my dear, but you do realize that my synopses will include references to lactation and/or the devil wears prada, right?