joe and i got to see my boyfriend james carville* at a preview screening of all the king's men last night. the movie itself was decent (though i have issues with the john woo-ish final scene, and the accents are a bit touch and go), and i'd be shocked if sean penn isn't nominated for an academy award (i'd imagine there are a few supporting nods coming, too - i'm not saying i agree, mind you, but i smell oscars). the brief q&a with carville, a production guy, and a studio head was more entertaining, if predictable: carville noted that while the main character was based on huey long, looking to the movie for information on him would be like watching the abc special on 9/11 for information about the attacks (hee). he also kept mentioning that he had been in old school, which - well, yes, but we got our invitation to the screen via the congresswoman; it's safe to assume that we and everyone else would rather have heard about the war room (the documentary that made carville my boyfriend). ah, well.

in other political news, i finally (praise god!) finished clinton's my life. i am glad that i read it, and i'm even okay with the fact that he rambled (i got at least three decent book recommendations - the serpent and the rainbow, the russia hand, and the cobra event* - out of him), but i still feel that i've just finished a marathon. if you'd like to read it, or to have a liberal doorstop, lemme know - this thing hogs a lot of shelf.


Kirk Cameron latches onto him and slows him down.

Nicole Ritchie gains a pound!

A bolt of lightning arcs out of Gwyneth Paltrow and strikes your opponent for 17 damage.

Strobe Talbott shouts "Yarr!" and battens your opponent's hatches for him. Violently. For 40 damage.

Fidel Castro butts him for 4 (+10) damage.

Ann Coulter feasts on the corpse, then touches you gently on the cheek.

*marriage is so convenient! now i can name drop my fake boyfriends (carville, gus hansen, andrew bird, etc) without mixing them up with my ex-boyfriend (the missus).

**on a totally unrelated note, i noticed in looking that up that preston has another book called the demon in the freezer; imagine my disappointment when i found out it was just about bioterror.


G said...

In what game can _I_ make Gwyneth Paltrow shoot lightning?

uncle paul said...

I briefly had The Serpent and the Rainbow confused with The Plumed Serpent, and I was about to say, errr, go carefully with that no matter what Bill said -- but never mind. Vudu!

lauren said...

G: in kingdom of loathing, of course - she's a personal raincloud. she has a number of other effects:Gwyneth Paltrow rises above you, and a gentle rain begins to fall. The rain refreshes your spirit and your mind. Hippy.
p: lawrence, right? my nipple-fear keeps me out of his way most of the time, but backup is always good.

G said...

Just...Wow... (from KoL)

Meatloaf Helmet

This is a helmet made out of meatloaf. You feel like a Bat out of Hell when you wear it. You would do anything for this helmet (but you won't do that.)