we at kidchamp labs find it most heartening that, in his newborn blog, zyzzyva's howard junker discusses both robert mapplethorpe's ass (enraged the nea) and his lunch (tepid, near a rat). so very many bloggers hit you with what they think or what they eat. high/low, huzzah! and welcome to The Internets, howard.

good things happen when the wedding registry gets cleared out.* i was worried that we'd end up with his-and-hers nighties or bride and groom outfits for the cats,** but phil hooked us up with seasons 1 and 2 of veronica mars. i'm so excited about my upcoming utterly sedentary weekend*** that i just don't know what to tell you.

*good things, that is, in addition to our getting all of the fun stuff on it. i still find that kind of shocking.

**that's a lie - bride and groom cat outfits would be awesome. [aerosmith] jude looks like a lady... [/aerosmith]

***i won't just be watching television, mind - there's a new needlepoint project afoot.

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uncle paul said...

I was briefly convinced that "tepid, near a rat" was an anagram for "enraged the nea"; but then I couldn't make it work.