as of the wee hours on saturday night / sunday morning (thank you, jamaican human shield in the international baggage claim), we is stateside once more.* i'm pleased to report that my first day back at the office has been relatively painless; as a matter of fact, i'm still so jet lagged that i leapt from bed and into my cube an hour early this morning. this was valuable time in which to prepare for the onslaught of post-wedding ladymag well-wishing that followed (i'm told that i'll be thrown a retroactive shower sometime later this week). it would have been valuable time in which to upload the honeymoon photos, but i cleverly locked all of my cube cabinets (including the one full of camera cables) before going away and then took the keys...somewhere. i'm hoping they're under the sofa and not, say, in glasgow. in lieu of photos, then, you get...wedding facts-at-a-glance!

no. of times lauren has dropped the h bomb ("husband"): 3

no. of times joe has said "wife": 1

total weight gained by lauren, joe, and cats since we left for oxford (in lbs):12**

first twelve songs played at our reception:

somebody's baby - yo la tengo
sweet jane - the velvet underground
the chemistry between us - suede
more than this - roxy music
try a little tenderness - otis redding
graceland - the new pornographers
love love love - the mountain goats
100,000 fireflies - the magnetic fields
just like honey - the jesus and mary chain
you are the light - jens lekman
do ya - elo
let's dance*** - david bowie

no. of times we played omd's "if you leave": 4 (est.)

*i should have implemented the aforementioned wearing-the-wedding-dress-once-a-week thing instead of sending it home with my mom - on four flights, we didn't get a single cute newlyweds first-class upgrade. it wasn't that big of a deal on the domestic legs of the trip - or the trip from new york, even - but getting to jump the three hour line for the metal detectors at heathrow would have been huge. at least we got to suffer with stewart and hodge, who got caught in the same hell on the way to boston from ireland and were bumped right next to us in line.

**one pound per cat, five for each of us. pretty impressive, when you consider that they each weighed about ten pounds total beforehand.

***there was no actual dancing, at least not until everyone discovered the fancy bar and joe killed the playlist in favor of snoop dogg.


bassett h-q said...

I know they are British and all. But I insist on pronouncing it Orchestral Man-overs in the Dark. That's the way it's spelled, dammit.

The provincial side of me comes back quick. And, c'mon. It sounds funny.

(In all seriousness: the last two weeks back stateside confirms it, and the brain has been properly wracked. Best vacation ever.)

uncle paul said...

Graceland got played at least four times cuz it was in my head for TWO WEEKS

lauren said...

ah, but perhaps it was in your head for two weeks because it is excellent!

sara said...

i remember "let's dance" because i kept thinking my phone was ringing. really really loudly.