101 in 1001: 059 score at least 3 bylines in national magazines (mine counts) [ongoing]
the weeks of work hell just before and after the wedding are paying off, a little - i wrote two pieces that will be in the november issue of the ladymag. it's difficult to talk about them without being annoyingly cryptic (more so than usual, that is) or too candid for my own good,* so i'll just say that it feels good to have full pages in my clip binder (which, 'til now, was mostly 50-word book reviews and a paragraph about brain research**). i'll need a lot more of them if i'm to start pitching other magazines (which is an eventual goal, both because i have other demographics in mind and because my in-house work is unpaid), but this is a solid beginning. thanks for the motivation, online '101 in 1001' list!


Your parents look like movie stars!

Your husband looks like Hugh Grant.

You guys look alike.

*translation: ask me in person about why i've grown a separate ego to deal with collaborative commercial publishing.

**and that list in mountain man dance moves, which is now in stores (woo!), though getting additional work on the strength of a boob joke is unlikely. the rest of the book, by the way, is funny - i'd say at least two thirds of the other lists are better than mine, which is right about where i like to be.


anonymous said...

these people be smoking crack.

--your husband

lauren said...

you've said husband! aauugh, now i've said husband! we're all saying husband!

sara Gordon said...

your husband is so NOT hugh grant! hello?! McFly? (husband husband husband husband)

valya said...

someone at work once looked at my wedding picture and said that we looked alike. even if they were right (either your commenter or mine) (which they're not!), why would they say that?!

valya said...

p.s. can't wait for the november issue to arrive in my mailbox. yay!

lauren said...

sara: i agree, but this isn't the first time the hugh thing has come up - ever since about a boy, he pretty much gets it whenever he wears a suit. he thinks it's his messy hair.

val: beats me. it doesn't offend me, exactly, but it's pretty odd. i mean, i take the "don't liken someone to a member of the opposite sex" rule of thumb for granted, but i guess everyone else doesn't. on a similar note, baby jo is constantly told that she and her boyfriend look like siblings; why people don't just say "hey, you have similar coloring / cheekbones / sneakers!" is a mystery.

jacob said...

on a similar note, try dating a clinical psychologist when your mother is also a clinical psychologist. i hate freud.