the stars show at southpaw on saturday revealed several important things, a few of them being that indie gigs have no bad seats (i'm taller than most of the women and everyone else wears flats), good things come in greg kinnear-like packages (torquil campbell has the endearing habit of acting out his lyrics), and we need to see more acts in brooklyn (comfy venue, $5 drinks). i thought about buying a shirt, but i'm poor and the image of a seated man on fire has historical implications i didn't want to explore. instead i began a photo essay on hipster bathrooms (on my flickr page, now linked at top right).

in other music news, i checked in on trespassers william (local friends' band; my mother tells me anna-lynne and i were jungle gym buddies at costeau park way back when) and learned that said anna-lynne supplied vocals for "hold tight london," a track on the new chemical brothers album. bearing in mind that i know next to nothing about big beat, or anything else, it's pretty slick.

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