though it seems incredible that our television could feel underappreciated, the television itself felt otherwise and went on grainy hiatus, last wednesday, to show us who's boss. pathetically, i watched scrambled sand-sculpture versions of lost and alias anyhow. when reception came back the next evening, we'd lost tbs (whatever) and gained the polish channel, cinemax (?!) and nyc tv 25, of which we'd never heard and to which we're hopelessly addicted. in addition to bringing us a brazilian girls music video featuring 1) shriners dancing with hot dogs, 2) a woman dressed in ikea paper lanterns and glasses made of thorns, and 3) arrogant monkeys, it introduced jens lekman, a swede who croons like morrissey, writes like stephin merritt, and was recognized by swedish elle as the fifteenth most attractive person around. i got his you are the light ep yesterday and have since improved myself with songs like "i saw her in the anti-war demonstration," i.e.
You're looking for me in the demonstration
Well I have already lost patience
And you might find me sitting by the pavement
Or maybe not, 'cause I have shrunk
I fell in love with a punk and she took my breath

Now there's nothing left
Of blood enough to feed a family
Well I just wanna feed Emily
With lukewarm English beer and vegan pancakes


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