and with that, our five-minute spring is over! it's been muggy all day, with the gusts of energetic wind that come before storms. i loved those when we sublet in inwood and i snuck out to dance on the roof; not so much in our building now, as the stairs collect water and i end up doing butt-plants on the stoop. must protect the ass for its second photo shoot next month; it needs all the help it can get. yesterday was our sixth anniversary - anniversaurus, as i think it should be called. we eschewed fripperies and had dinner at kashkaval, a gourmet deli / restaurant up ninth avenue. joe called their fondue the best he'd ever had, and a friendly cat wound around our ankles. a good night.

more of my gimpy shirt design up for punishment at threadless; no harsh words yet, but i'm sure they'll come. planning a floral pattern with disembodied abraham lincoln heads - results, as always, to follow.

can't stop the rats, can't-stop-the-rats: today's inflatable, in front of the brooklyn diner, features a red MTA baseball cap. i find the diner fairly gross, but the business park next door just planted tulips and smells like glorious fresh sod. mmm, sod.

rats: 3.5
star: 3

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