party people, it has been far too drizzly for me to camp in the plaza and write out posts; for that i apologize. little of interest has happened this week, though i can report that the celebrities are surging ahead once more in their smack-down with the union inflatables. last friday i paced around the courtyard next door with peter gallagher, who looks exactly like peter gallagher. i would have made my customary asinine "o you're neat!" comment - and damn it, i had my digital camera and everything - but i recognized him and made a face that said "ah, you're the one i was hired to kill!" rather than "sandy cohen, woo!", so he scurried away once he hung up his cell phone. this was probably for the best.

rats: 3.5
star: 4

via caterina, another music prompt:

total volume of music on my computer: 2.21 GB. i've been lazy about schwonking things from home to the ipod.

the last cd i bought: maple leaves, jens "fifteenth hottest swede" lekman. not as utterly solid as the you are the light ep, but "black cab" is the best song i've heard in a year. captures a customary mood of mine quite handily, and it's purty.

song playing right now: "lost in the supermarket," the clash.

3 songs i listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me:
"one more night," the stars. introduced at the concert as a "hall and oates" song about "fucking someone in order to kill them." can't comment on that, per se, but it's stoic and haunting and, well, mint. in heavy rotation for the last month.

"500 (shake baby shake)," lush. carefree britpop love song to a car with simple, feel-good rhymes and a catchy guitar line. i hunted for this (and sang it for a few unlucky record store employees) for years before learning the real title. i can be slow like that.

"don't mug yourself," the streets. though i've lived with the joe for (gulp) five years, i think it's safe to say no one is whipped. this track is worth it for the goofy ending alone, but the laddish advice is pretty solid as well. mike skinner, my panties are yours.
3 people to whom i'm passing the baton: commenters, this bud's for you.


uncle paul said...

I have heard two Jens Lekman songs. One was "Black Cab" and one was some kind of show-tune number that was no good at all.

1) 7.71 GB. There's infinitely more where that came from, but this encoding takes forever.

2) This was a twofer: Spoon, "Gimme Fiction" and The Mountain Goats, "The Sunset Tree." That special treat when two of your favorite bands release new albums on the same day. I haven't picked up the new Sleater-Kinney yet.

3) Mountain Goats, "Hast Thou Considered the Tetrapod." I ought to say something more about this record, but I don't feel much good at commentary right now. It's another autobiographical one, flawlessly put together. That will have to do.

furiousmuse said...

total volume of music on my computer: 18.16 GB.

the last cd i bought: cd? what are those? since i got my mini, i almost shop exclusively on iTunes. that said, the last album would be doves "some cities". so awesome: i love that they are growing up. and we're going to see them in june. yeah!

song playing right now: *blushes* "lonely no more" by rob thomas. i got a free single for doing a survey. that's the ONLY way i can justify such awful judgement.

3 songs i listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me:

we'll go with "a lot" since too many songs are meaningful...

"brick" by ben folds. there's just something warm and comforting in this sad song which i love. watch out or you might catch me singing along.

"love will come through" by travis. it's a garden state thing, i guess. beautiful guitar sounds....

"don't panic" by coldplay. a healthy reminder... especially for the struggling writer.

Lothar of the hill people said...

I used to have around 70 gigs of music on my external hard drive and then it died and I lost everything. Haven't listened to much since then. Tried "The Hold Steady" and "Architecture in Helsinki" but found them pretty boring. Maybe I should try classical music... Allright off to get circumcised with some sharp stones.

uncle paul said...

Why are you inflicting Cosmopolis on yourself? Or are you going to surprise me and say it's not as terrible as it looks?

Happy fun ball said...

Good point. Why are you reading Cosmopolis? I didn't even read Cosmopolis, and I wrote my thesis on Delillo.

lauren said...

cosmopolis, dear readers, was simply on my bookshelf: a friend who worked at scribner provided me with a whump of about a dozen novels from her surplus stack, and it was one of those. i was desperate for something to read, as my most recent thrift store purchase - richardson's clarissa - turned out to be fucking abridged and thus untouchable (aside: i might have assumed this, given that clarissa is roughly a million words long and this edition was ~300 pages, but i was in a hurry and i thought the print would be magically small).

cosmopolis is not exactly horrible. like wolfe's, delillo's reportage is perfectly competent; it's when his characters open their mouths that the red hate rises behind my eyes. this'un is set in manhattan, so i enjoyed his passages about the upper east side and hell's kitchen and ignored everything else. and, well, it was short.

jacob said...

tell me you didn't pick up sex, drugs, and cocoa puffs because seth cohen was reading it on the season finale of "the oc." either way, is it worth reading?

total volume of music on my computer: 5.40 GB.

the last cd i bought: doris duke - "i'm a loser: the swamp dogg sessions". worth it purely for the song "congratulations baby." tell joe to check it out.

3 songs i listen to a lot: according to itunes, among the leaders are "the fear is on" by the hidden cameras, "going to marrakesh" by the extra glenns, and "when you gonna love me" by dsico that no talent hack.