fun with photos continues: i've uploaded johnny cash, he of the needlepoint project that took an extra week when i screwed up, and have started cobbling together a wee art page at getcrafty (see sidebar). in the unreasonably swelled head department, someone wrote after seeing my first piece to talk about a mini-show in her gallery. i hardly have the requisite quantity for something like that, but yay for props! the craft ego loves 'em.

pitch black (++1/2). tight little sci-fi / horror flick: because the beasties are so rarely seen, one has little time to become annoyed with CGI. i quite like vin diesel as riddick (so much, apparently, that i dreamed last night of a water pistol shootout between him, me, and a pregnant woman at disneyland's haunted mansion), and i appreciate david twohy's willingness to kill just about everyone. joe points out that the beast-screeches sound like the police cruisers that swoop by our window. props to vin for delivering "did not know who it was fucking with" sans giggles.

the chronicles of riddick (1/2). someone's got some bad dirt on judi dench, i'm guessing: sure it's fun to play an elemental, but it can't have been worth being associated with this movie. one of my favorite fake words, necromonger (someone who raises shellfish from the dead), is redefined as 'englishmen with mullets who talk to puddles,' and shame on everyone for that. poor use of a good character, nonsensical plot, stupid ending. this ain't pitch black 2, it's the scorpion king redux. blech.

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