the having of an office is marvelous; the decorating of an office is laborious. i have more storage here than at my apartment and am tempted to fill a particularly large file cabinet with my winter clothes; am discouraged by the thought of, if fired one day, having to do the walk of shame with a pile of sweaters and long underwear. one shelf is packed with back issues of my magazine, another with connoisseur '88-'91, another with things like butterworth's medical dictionary, dr. susan love's breast book, and the quotable woman 1800-1981. these are not mine.

purchased for office:

- incredible hulk knitted finger puppet
- chartreuse fiestaware bud vase
- silverplate sugar caddy, c. 1900 (for pens)

from the swag table and the beauty closet, repurposed for office:

- poster-size mag cover blowup feat. angelina jolie (slim pickings; my boss has one of prince harry)
- western-style frame from a very special lunch with matthew mcconaughey (photo removed)
- "dirty girl" chalkboard
- apple green leather notebook
- bottles of perfume (3), scented candles (2), pots of bath salt (4)

i'm working on it.

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