southern california report: the ladies' restroom at the movie theater had a scale complete with a height/weight chart. even though i passed muster, ew.

lemony snicket's a series of unfortunate events (+1/2). gorgeous costumes - with the exception of young klaus, who spoils the neo-victorian vibe with too-modern sweaters and slacks. gorgeous gloomy sets as well, thanks in part to a member of tim burton's team. the snicket books as eye candy are a rousing success, but daniel handler's snarky asides and plot contortions are no match for jim carrey and several hammy cameos (meryl streep, this means you). carrey is partially excused, as count olaf is supposed to be everywhere, implausible, and annoying, but he's still overcooked. though i want handler to have lots of money, the unfortunate events are crying out for an adapted miniseries (an episode per book?) aimed at a slightly older audience. aired at prime time, that could justify a whopping budget, no? and no more product placement, please. the scene with the AFLAC duck hurt my soul.

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