i'm starting to enjoy the meatpacking district. it smells like stew and is full of fashion types who should be shot from cannons into shark-infested waters, but it's terribly interesting. example, i found the Most Expensive Candle Ever: these folks will sell it to you for $280. i also found the Ultimate Useless Accessory (price unknown), a jewel-encrusted ear bud with three lengths of sterling chain (instead of wires and sweet music). "your hearing will not be so good now," said the clerk as she wedged one under the ring in my tragus. in related news, i bought a 7-pack of panties at old navy for $6. one pair features a mule and an elf.

david bowie (david bowie!) was sitting 20' to our right at the pixies show on saturday. that's unquestionably within underwear-throwing range, but i was wearing the cheap-ass mule/elf pair. faced with a heartbreaking choice when he took off before the first encore - watch godlike band, chase godlike icon? - i opted to stay put. i can only report, then, that he wore a hoodie and sneakers, rocked out for "caribou," and picked his nose through "u-mass." thanks to jodi j, i saw the pixies again tonight: naturally they played the song ("gigantic") i would have missed while weeping and crawling after ziggy stardust. crap.

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