earnest winter link 4 (via caterina): i used to believe, "a collection of ideas that adults thought were true when they were children." among my favorites,
A friend of mine used to sing 'Oh my god! There's a snowman' instead of 'All we've got is this moment' to INXS's 'Need You Tonight.' He was convinced that these were the correct lyrics and tried to justify this to me by saying 'Well, they come from Australia, so they've never seen snow before.'

I had no good answer for Joni Mitchell's "gay pair of guys [who] put up a parking lot." My only thought was, "Okay, well, good for them."

I used to believe that a man had as many testicles as he had children. So I thought the Catholic guy next door had nine balls and that I'd only have two kids when I grew up.

When I went to nursery school we got to drink milk or water at certain times of day. I used to think that if you mixed them together, and drank it, you would turn into a dinosaur.
the congresswoman's constituents, in turn, think that joe will grant their wishes if they give him godiva chocolates (always godiva - yay upper east side!). they are welcome to believe this.

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