why do i love lukas? because when i click through to his flickr site (incidentally, dear, shouldn't los angeles have tanned you by now?) i get sidebar ads for cell phone stun guns ("Does Not Work as a Cell Phone, only Stun Gun"). santa, though these cannot be shipped to new york, note that i will be in california and arizona 12/17 - 12/31.

in other zappy news, i joined getcrafty just in time for the "knit your own uterus" thread, source of three of the best directions i've read in some time -
Push down gently on inner tube to make cervix look plump ("pouty", if you will).

Stuff body until it feels firm but cuddly.

Gently bend fallopian tubes forward into a curve, or however you wish to pose them.
if i could knit, i'd knit that. instead i've finished the johnny cash needlepoint and have moved on to a kathleen hanna portrait (a four-shade enlargement of her photo from the cover of le tigre). progress reports and pix - no lie, i'm working on it - to follow.

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