our neighbors have (had?) a spunky green parrot. his half-a-cage was fixed to their window like an air conditioner; we both spent a lot of time peoplewatching and dropping things on the sidewalk. i'd whistle at him, he'd braap at me - it was a nice arrangement. i fear he didn't weather the thunderstorm on friday night very well - the cage is on its side, the window sill is covered with poop, and one green feather is stuck in the fire escape. i hope new york is kind to feral parrots.

jason forrest's the unrelenting songs of the 1979 post disco crash is not for the faint of heart, but the first listen was a good one; given my traditional fear of electronica, that's saying something. imagine, say, a biker bar jukebox becoming sentient and galloping off to pick a fight with the sushi bar next door. it's kind of like that.

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