donating blood was stupendous:

1) i was the only volunteer in my department, so everyone else looked like selfish pussies,
2) i've finally caught up with my donating cat (sorry about that, man),
3) the passive accomplishment is immediately and immensely gratifying - good job, veins! and
4) eating junk food in an RV while the people on either side of me passed out was kinda like being on road rules. yeow.

i've decided that breedster ("ingestion, defecation and fornication") is not for me. the premise - creating social networks by role-playing a little bug and mating with strangers - is fine, but once one has a few offspring and makes pictures on the grid with poop, there's little more to be done. worse, a rampant STD put a stop to everyone's breeding (thought i could avoid it by only mating with virgins - i'm very upset), so no invitations for new players. the bright spot in all of this was lukas's demonstration that he can be as two-dimensionally sleazy as he is via anecdotes: i gave life to both him and sara, and darn it if they didn't make incestuous bug-love with each other. well played, you appalachian rogues.

in its stead i give you the kingdom of loathing ("an adventurer is you!"), an old-school parody of medieval role-playing fun. i think it's what would happen if you threw 1000 blank white cards in your bag with a fat deck of magic: the gathering cards and they had a malevolent baby. my character is an accordion thief named vim; come play, and we'll start a clan with a plan.

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