friends in publishing, indeed:
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Elvis Costello, the singer-songwriter who once crooned "Everyday I Write the Book," is making good on his word.

Publisher Simon & Schuster confirmed on Thursday that the 49-year-old performer would author two books.

But don't expect inside dirt on the music industry and its characters, despite Costello's rollicking career of more than 25 years.

Costello's first book is due in fall 2005. It promises to be a work of "intimate narrative chapters taking their cue from the styles, themes and characters" found in his lyrics, the publisher said.

The second book, titled "How to Play the Guitar, Sing Loudly and Impress Girls ... or Boys," is described as a "work of comic philosophy."
picked up vienna teng's second album on saturday; joe dragged me into circuit city in union square, and lo! there she was. vienna, as most of you know and others might remember, was a fellow french house resident senior year. i've been putting off my congratulations on the big time! e-mail for years now, as i've yet to shake lingering guilt from wishing her ill when she'd play the piano one floor beneath my sunday morning hangovers. when hydrated and vertical i find her music quite pretty, and in all positions i think she's a lovely person; give her your money, if it's not too much trouble.

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