manhattan doesn't waste its time with this spring business. within a day of the first warm spell, the trees across the street were covered with buds and preparing to do something zesty. better still, the plaza sprouted cafe tables - though that means that i will have to start sitting outside and getting my poetry together for grad school applications, and i'm not entirely enthusiastic about revisions. much safer to sit inside and make sweeping statements about the marvels i'll write when it's clear to go out.

writer's block notwithstanding, the season is positively obese with good news. after discontinuing his medications and declining serious doctor's visits, my granddad is back to stable health - mom reports that he's eating everything within reach and planning to vote against bush in november. with luck he'll be back to joking about making a few extra bucks at freak shows (he has two navels now, thanks to a persistent catheter) soon. i also seem to have abandoned my long-standing feud with a friend from back home (see kidchamp's inaugural post and subsequent news of being de-bridesmaided); though claiming to be done with someone and secretly pumping mutual friends for word of them passes the time, there are healthier ways to be dramatic. my vitriol thins with advancing age.

top ten kidchamp visitor search terms, feb 04:

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