saving angel is a noble cause (i even signed a potentially questionable petition on its behalf) - there can never be too many vampire adventure sitcoms, and i still think joss whedon is one of the zestiest writers in network television. saving angel the guerrilla fan group, on the other hand, confuses me: we have the same goal, sure, but why should i help them earn $3000 to send protest chocolate bars to programming executives? what do the wrappers say, exactly?

old man winter is having a last dance in manhattan today. as i have leftover veggie chili, joe's flannel pajama pants, and the notorious "orgy episode" of america's next top model on tap, that's fine with me.

via meg from the yahoo gulcher list, biologists at uc davis pen songs about marine invertebrates, ex.

My Phoronid
amalgam of bits from N. McGinn, J. Byrnes, K Hultgren, and more
(to the tune of "My Sharona")

Do you have a lophophore, lophophore?
Do you have a lophophore, my phoronid!
Only in Bodega bay, Tomales bay,
Only in Bodega bay, my phoronid!

When you gonna stabilize the sand
Smell so bad you scare away all the crabs
Make a little clam safe at home
My, my, my, my, my, woo!
My my my my Phoronid!

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