on saturdays we putter with things we should have discovered long ago. example (via languagehat), snippets of conversation between several of murakami's translators-slash-biggest-fans (excluding daniel handler and the notably fantastic alfred birnbaum, that is). key points:

- jay rubin translated the short story "kangaroo communique" for zyzzyva in the fall of '88 - probably the first time murakami appeared in english? i should give cranky editor howard junker et al. more credit.

- all god's children can dance, a collection of pieces on the kobe earthquake (vaguely akin to underground, on the tokyo sarin attacks?) has been available in english since last year, back when i had money to spend on hardcovers. fah.

there was a lovely comment about how the japanese language is processed in the elbow, but i'm not nearly diligent enough to find it at the moment. it's only midafternoon, you see.

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