THE SECOND QUESTIONER (cf 06.11.03)an upscale boutique near times square

1: where are you from?

2: san francisco!

1: i knew right when i saw you that you were not from new york. what a beautiful personality!

i was wearing ratty beach sandals and sporting a wicked sunburn, so no, i did not blend.

the california adventure ended at 0900 EST today. it began and ended well, and a couple of pleasant things happened in the middle - like sister emily graduating from stanford - but most of the trip was, sadly, a simmmering crock of shit. i won't bore or betray anyone with lurid detail; i'll say that my siblings are two of the most and only trustworthy people in my life. our gang of three is the only viable family member combo lately, which is wonderful-awful.

stanford was sunny, earnest, predictable. i developed a brief and searing crush on em's departmental commencement speaker, a comp lit professor who wore mardi gras beads and quoted clytemnestra in greek. so very many reasons to be a grad student.

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