adrienne rich has consistent objections to armed conflict, and that's fine - my gripe is that she didn't crank out a new piece for poets against the war. this is your full time job, lady.

on bursting with sadness, or my new favorite snippet of film criticism:

"And because Mia [Farrow] appears so frail and birdlike, this looked particularly great on her. When she gets pregnant the whole style gets even more chic because her belly accentuates the Empire mini, and the trapeze dress was so in right about then."

(Simon Doonan, on Rosemary's Baby)

cats may compete with cockroaches in the event of nuclear winter. all household beasts lost food and water for 12 hours (per the vet) when cat 1 started vomiting; now cat 2 is siphoning 1's subcutaneous fluids. couples' internal logic: ew.

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