the second and third rejections were less inspirational, though zyzzyva's form response had handwritten praise for my cover letter. i'm tempted to send away to journals that accept work from children and title themselves with acorn references, but i've managed to channel my angst into job applications and a half-sestina on rotting fruit. new york decided that i'm fit to make its coffee, on a more positive note; joe and the 1.75 cats and i will be in the city, then, for june and july.

i apologize, america, for hoarding your duct tape; we determined a year ago that it's a marvelous substitute for those expensive pet lint rollers (stick a loop to itself and wear the cardboard like a bangle bracelet - voila!). in our defense, note that an average sitting room only holds about five hours of cootie-free air.

aldous huxley is reported to have considered los angeles the greatest city around. discuss.

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