in a stunning display of situational masochism, i applied for an interviewee job. no, not consumer survey stuff - this group wants to send applicants of various ethnicities around the country to determine if employers favor certain types. i've never written a cover letter detailing my skills as a white person before; it was a singular experience. as i'm miserable with interviews, they probably won't be interested in me.

on the rainbow connection: the hebrew hammer, a self-proclaimed "jewxploitation" film, debuts at the sundance festival this year.
So when Santa's evil son Damien topples jolly Saint Nick and threatens to wipe out Hanukkah altogether, who you gonna call? As Damien demonically pushes the Christmas spirit on Hassidic children (using none other than highly addictive It's a Wonderful Life videos), the Hammer has no choice but to mount a serious offensive. Enlisting Esther from the "Jewish Justice League" and Mohammed, chief of the "Kwanzaa Liberation Front," he ventures to the Holy Land, the North Pole, and even to his mother's Sabbath dinner table, all in hot pursuit of the red-suited rogue.

on the persistence of memory: stewart's arizona photos have joined the new year's eve archive.

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