due to overwhelming interest in the position, says the note from a group that pays editorial assistants $9/hr, we are acknowledging your resume with an automated message. mm. pretty sure starbucks starts baristas at $10.

new american writing (#20) packs a few sonnets. like platform sandals and fondue, they're coming back: the key to the renaissance is that they no longer make sense. gunderbunny, my high school english teacher (and father of the three-paragraph sonnet), would be so disappointed. i saw this on the horizon as i finished that edna st. vincent millay biography last night -
We just had to stop because we were afraid we were going to die.

"Of young companions, bravest of the brave
" " " , in the brook to lave
" " " , none of them a slave,
" " " , hating to behave,
" " " through the forest grave (nave)
" " " hunting for a cave,
" " " in a manner suave,
" " " boredom off to stave,
" " " still too young to shave,
" " " hell about to pave,
" " " did not stamp or rave,
" " " , (one of them called 'Dave')"

(e. st. v. m., c. 1940)
my portfolio's a casserole of nonsense and sonnets. this information isn't good for me.

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