we passed through the tail end of the day's protests this afternoon. i'd like to feel proud that san francisco hated bush with such...volume, or guilty that i was bringing laundry home instead of running around with a sign, but i feared/scorned the whole process. these weren't hippies; these were the sort of people who threatened me with violence in junior high. i got kicked out of homeroom in seventh grade for refusing to salute the flag - when did the tables turn, exactly? as for the scorn, i'm still kung fu fighting with my lack of faith in civil disobedience. joe and i worked for a toothless government official and a toothless nonprofit, respectively, yet i consider protests the lamest common denominator in the business of Making A Difference. i can't believe in change from the middle, and something tells me i'll never be at the top - as i do consider myself an active leftist, shouldn't i be sweating with the folks on the bottom?

for now, the short answer is no. when i think of a more constructive way to loathe this war, i'll let you know.

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