tom threw together a fine primer on do-it-yourself politics in partial response to yesterday's apathy spiel. thank you, stanford, for friends who kick ass in fields i can't navigate.

sociology majors, this one's for you: when joe woke up this morning, i mocked the weird, beatific smile he'd been wearing in sleep. i dreamed i was mother nature, said he. i walked around handing out little purses full of precious metals, and i'd leave the room every once in a while to make a nuclear reaction that kept the sun going.

it's a lovely dream, but it's not especially heterosexual. couple this with his superlative mushroom risotto and fondness for thrift shopping, and - modern women have come to accept nay expect sensitive new age characteristics in their partners, but i get worried every now and again.

and you, ebay circuit: i'm teaching myself to identify fiestaware at thrift shops, but my aptitude is weak. if one finds, say, sea foam green tea cups with appropriately spaced concentric circles and an italicized black F stamp, does one have the real thing? i have two dollars riding on this, you see.

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