long ago when the earth was flat, i got excited about collaborative mail art thingies and registered at nervousness; yesterday the mailperson gave me a handmade book from georgia and the command to write'n'illustrate haiku. okay.

a waxy finger
taps at the pantry: hello?
potatoes want out.

i made a superlative potato collage with lots of angelina jolie's eyes. it's very sinister. you'd be impressed.

on adaptation. like julia, i admire its nuts and bolts; fun movie to watch, fun movie to discuss. i developed a tic as other folks in the audience laughed at the sort of comments the MFA kids made about Writing like three years ago; what are we to understand about craft when i, a professed hack, consider its trade humor old hat? i suppose i was hoping for mysticism, like maybe you learn a secret handshake when you become a Paid Writer. and the metasmugness, o the metasmugness. i'll enjoy art so much more when i have a job.

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