the construction fellows solved tuesday's job issues by mutilating our phone line; i was free to race to safeway and discover that their restrooms were closed for maintenance. i'd liken the whole affair to the pee-addled child scene in magnolia, but i hear that the sequence was based on something that happened to fiona apple. we avoid comparisons to fiona apple at all costs.

spoke with the east coast today. it wasn't especially interested in scansion as a precursor to magazine editing, but it did seem to think it could be reasonable for me to come to new york for the summer. my mention of the prospect undoubtedly throttles the whole thing - see entries on davis, seattle, los angeles - but news is news.

e-scrabble: mail-based games don't deliver the real-time gratification one might find at games.com's official site. they are a fine way for paul and i to talk trash without feeding the phone company.

strong bad popped up at enjelani's the other day, and the lazy hipster in me wants to steal the credit for him: i had the tee shirt months ago, man, and i infected the new year's party with tap your toes, check the e-mail... in short, it's weekly animated letters from a superior being in a mexican wrestling mask. if you fail to appreciate guitar and dragon, i don't know what to say.

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