03.15.02 oh please leave

lauren vs. pants, round 3: mine are falling down. i don't think it's Total Health Plan related - i've been off the wagon since new york - i think i buy bad pants. they loosen when i wash them, which flies in the face of all the garment science i know. maybe god is telling me to wear more skirts. that would be okay.

more on laurens, less on pants: as paul has said, LNYC is quite benevolent. fun was had when we coincided after the second magnetic fields show. i fear that she hates us for disappearing after she led us back to brooklyn, but i fear that about everyone. at any rate, i enjoyed our walk in the rain.

weird, self-congratulatory article in the latest alumni magazine: palo alto is a shabby excuse for a college town, and stanford is durn proud of it. much is made of old leland's fixation on prohibition and rich grads who move back to town and buy up potential student hovels. given my attention span as a student, i should be grateful that local night life was piss-poor; procrastination finds a way, though, and i probably contracted the plague swimming in lake lag instead of walking to spago. boo, stanford. i might forgive you if you let my sister in this year, but you're far from cool with me.
"There's enough to do [on campus] for me - hanging out with friends, going for coffee every night and watching videos," says sophomore Rachel Rubin, sitting with four friends at a table at the second-floor Stanford Bookstore Cafe.
Nevertheless, "I definitely see things I miss about Texas," says Veronica Flores, a sophomore from Fort Worth [emphasis mine, but jesus].
see lukas post. post, lukas, post!

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