03.22.02 her hair has gotten wet

happeneds and to-be-happenings, friday

1. talked convictions (happy about the murder decision, i think) with my mandatory worker's comp doc, was assured that my bite wound won't prevent me from fighting the war on terrorism ("someone must be ready")

2. have hissed, will hiss at chuck for eating daffodils (kidney failure is bad) and molesting the crabs

3. bought fly pants (ha! ha!), boxers

4. returned the hunger (1983) ##
+ peter murphy sings "bela lugosi's dead", catherine deneuve / susan sarandon make sweet, sweet love
- david bowie hidden in old man makeup, then shoved in a box in the attic

5. rented, will watch faster, pussycat! kill! kill!, night on earth

6. toyed with guess the dictator or sit-com character, found that i'm buffy and joe is benson

7. was rained upon most foully

8. will tidy up bedroom, kidchamp

9. will wash dishes, crabs

10. will mail rent check, bills

11. opened empty inbox (where's the love, you misers?)

12. shimmied.

literature doesn't inspire songs, people do:
Reading created the inner landscape, as Sam Sheppard calls it. I would not be able to have put my own experiences into expression without the examples of writers like Sheppard and Kerouac, poets like Wordsworth, and thinkers like Beckett. Reading did not come easily for me as a kid.

(Third Eye Blind's Stephan Jenkins)
the road to hell is paved with good intestines.

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