03.27.02 we are your friends

faster, pussycat! kill! kill! (1965) #
+ the hourglass figure gets the respect it is due. sort of.
- chauvinists' corpses dent beautiful cars.

sexy beast (2000) ##
+ ben kingsley is a fine villain. smart alternative to guy ritchie's lock, stock / snatch / madonna stuff, if one gets the hankering for UK crime flicks.
- cockney accents are hell. and i have no clue about the machine gun / rabbit-man sequences.

pickings are slim at video city, but they care about their clientele: when sexy beast finally came in, the clerk very sincerely hoped it would make joe happy. she phoned later to inquire about his happiness - it was mildly bizarre, but i needn't understand a joke to enjoy it.

feeling better about my dog rapport today - i'm trying to power through my management-mandated lunch hour on the patio at safeway, and folks keep abandoning their beasts outside the coffeehouse. everyone then sits on my feet: at present i have a black poodle and a cherubic sheltie mix. i am madge, patron saint of domesticated animals.

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