10.01.01 plant on premises

was planning on daisy-chaining last week's trip home with my entries when i got back. i slept instead, mostly, and am duly ashamed. maybe rapid eye movement is a finite quantity; that would explain paul's insomnia coupled with my inability to stay conscious for more than six hours at a stretch. i'd swap if i could, sweetie.

casa de puppy; ellis island; taco loco (09.23.01)
LOS ANGELES: after negotiating rat terrier farms, forty seven carl's jr / green burritos, and the grapevine, lauren joins a crowd of hundreds and several barnyard animals at LAX's parking lot B, where she greets a very bushy joe. they continue through the orange curtain to mendocino court, where mama oster ferries them to the best surf shack food in the continental US. later, the gypsy den is visited [1].

monday - see 09.27.01

vincent vega; this mortal coif; the red scare (09.25.01)
ORANGE COUNTY: sara and lauren rendezvous at their former workplace, the amsterdam coffeehouse. lauren orders her usual (coke / espresso / vanilla syrup); kevin recognizes her and gives her a discount. it is revealed that joe is getting his hair cut at one; sara responds with an appointment of her own and leaks the plan to amy, who speeds to the styling site. michael and amy arrive; their hair is admired. sara chats and lunches and develops highlights all at the same time; she too is admired. joe emerges with smashing hair to great admiration as well. clay (the gypsy den [3]) describes his weeks on tour with belle and sebastian and his conversation with jonathan richman; he is loathed. lauren and joe meet emperor ed for dessert and coffee; current affairs are discussed as lauren's eyelashes attempt to eat her head.

play it again; bargain wednesday; apocalypso (09.26.01)
GILROY: afer revealing his plan to shelter in san francisco and make for DC on monday, joe purchases sunglasses with lauren [the gypsy den, 4] and they depart for the bay area. when lauren announces that she prefers death to a drive through oakland, the duo retreats from the evening rush hour and attempts to score bargains at a roadside outlet mall. soap and a wool skirt are purchased; joe is disgusted with the lack of scorching values at brooks brothers. the denizens of taqueria cancun terrorize lauren. the cats smash a fishbowl in the kitchen; the fish is safe in a flower vase.

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