10.12.01 kissing your reflection

when val / grant / mari / jake were here to feast on saturday, mari and i scuttled up to the corner to see if searchlight market could save our beer supply. they were closed, so mari grabbed a flower from evil frascati (the mean italian restaurant on the corner; benevolent and oddly eighties baldoria anchors the corner below us) and we went home. half a red onion (and little else) survived dinner, and it was the same shade as the flower, so we plopped both of them in the vase that doesn't house Fish Tim (he hides in vases, my french press, or the measuring cup, as charles bronson learned to go after the fishbowl). nearly a week later, the onion and the flower are still bobbing happily in the fridge; they've neither rotted nor begun to smell. maybe the combination was magical.

on blogs that are not blogs: jorge colombo is cool, ditto his raison d'etre.

little cat left a birthday present under my bare toes this morning; not so transient as it might sound.

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