10.04.01 pms decision tree

the california megasuperultramarket has street signs: ADULT CEREAL, CONVENIENT BREAKFAST, INCONTINENCE. traffic snarls when extended families shop produce together. twelve-pack soda ghettoes. weather: safeway pipes in thunderclap effects when the vegetable misters get going. two quarters get you a wee plastic HOMEY (tm) near the checkout gumballs. the machine is always empty, but shana promises that i can have some of hers. she's got duplicate bouncers and skinny handkerchief guys.

for the tube children: having decided that i'm to be marjorie trash heap for halloween, i rummaged for inspirational images and stepped in jump the shark. one really needn't google neurotic people talking about tv - they occur organically enough - but when one does and one finds them, they sure do pass the time.

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