it's the last of my summer fridays out of the office, and i've done my best to make the most of my freedom: thus far i've made dioramas with the cats, grumbled out four miles on the treadmill, spray painted a wristwatch, and eaten three quarters of a peach. (make that a whole peach.) in the tub just now it occurred to me that it's been a terribly long time since i've presented you with a frustrating game (a la mystery train); here's a new one, inspired by naurnie's talk of "all i want is you" and reality bites,* as well as douglas's bangles tweet.

below is a re-soundtracked film; i've replaced songs from the original playlist with songs which recall them (in lyrics, tone, or both). a few hints: the film does not feature julie andrews, nathan lane, or paul ryan, all of its music is original and performed by its characters, and the songs are listed in the order in which they're performed. (make that two peaches.)

mystery film I

girl, you'll be a woman soon - urge overkill
magic - the cars
tear off your own head (it's a doll revolution) - the bangles
nothing matters when we're dancing - the magnetic fields
with or without you - u2
under my thumb - the rolling stones

imaginary reading group discussion questions

01 pray, can you guess the mystery film?
02 is that peter dinklage at the beginning of the "all i want is you" video?
03 reality bites v. singles: which had the better soundtrack?
04 fellow working stiffs, does your workplace observe summer fridays?

*ethan hawke, don't call me.


kidchamp said...

though naurnie and ESB have not guessed via the blog, i'm going to go ahead and tell you it's not velvet goldmine or dancer in the dark.**

**lars von trier, don't call me.***
***though that movie was, i won't lie, amazing.

Megan and Jacob said...

Ok, we've considered the first three clues a little and then just, ok, it's Lauren AND Labyrinth?

_M_D_F_ said...

I want to say Hedwig (and it feels like a convincing case could be made) but know it was a stage musical before it was a movie. Is it South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut?

esb said...

can we get a confirmation that there are only 6 tracks?

baby jo said...

if it's not labyrinth...you're a liar.  

kidchamp said...

okay, so this first one wasn't tricky. yup, M, J, and J - it's labyrinth. mdf, i like your style - i was going to try to work up a list for hedwig, but i'm not familiar enough with the music (i haven't seen it for a few years). esb, there are actually only five full tracks - "underground" is both first and last, but i assigned it two different songs. 

esb said...

i want a refund

kidchamp said...

i can pay you in buttermilk biscuits? that was the conclusion of the day of loafing. 

Amid Privilege said...

I had no fricking idea:).

But we have Friday happy hours where everyone drinks and plays ping pong.

kidchamp said...

the dot-com startup at which i was a temp receptionist (a job i eventually quit because they made me babysit a bratty dog) had really, really good vegetarian grub at their beer fridays (i think i had my first marinated portobello sandwich there). o, fall of 2000.

Naurnie said...

I'm answering your questions late. Since someone already figured out the movie.
1) I already guessed. Incorrectly.
2) Is it? That would make sense. That video always upset me, but I haven't seen it in years. Off to YouTube I go.
3) Better soundtrack: Singles. Definitely Singles. But for some reason, I love Reality Bites more.
4) NO. I am always jealous of you folks who get the summer Fridays.

Rachel (heart of light) said...

Catching up after the weekend and naturally labyrinth was my first guess, even before reading the list of songs. I watch very few musicals, to be fair, and I believe you might be the same? 

kidchamp said...

it's true, rachel; i avoid most of them like the plague. i wanted to expand the game to include non-musical movies, but i feel like guessing those would be exponentially more difficult.