conversations with dr. omnibus {omnibus syllabus edition}

doc: you need to get away from what's in your head.
LMO: what does that mean?
doc: you need to take action.
LMO: i'm not hamlet.
doc: i don't think i ever had to read that.


Rachel (heart of light) said...

Wait, you are still seeing this guy? I think you might need therapy for the therapy. Or is it just for comic relief?

kidchamp said...

i see him once every six months or so; i kind of enjoy arguing with him. "i think i agree," i said at one point today. "i don't care!" he replied. i think he just turned seventy.

esb said...

i cannot allow you to see a therapist who hasn't read hamlet.


kidchamp said...

fairly sure he was Being Ironical, but one never knows with the mysterious doctor omnibus.

uncle paul said...

Doc Om! My therapist in Tucson once mentioned, apropos of my nominal writing career, that he'd really dug the Da Vinci Code. I had to trot out the "Hollywood versus indie film" distinction to clear things up. On the plus side, he did convince me that I was unliklely to die by choking.