conversations at the art supply store {II}

LMO: could you help me with some spray paint?
guy: sure! what color do you need?
LMO: black.
guy: that's easy!
guy: so...i got beat up last night.
LMO: god, i'm sorry!
guy: thanks.
LMO: what happened?
guy: this guy freaked out because some other guy drank his soda.
LMO: that's terrible. are you okay?
guy: yeah, i just got hit a couple of times here. [gestures at ribs] i'm pretty sore, though.
LMO: maybe you should get yourself checked out, to make sure your internal organs are okay.
guy: man, internal organs! well, it happened last night, so -
LMO: if you're still hurting in a couple of days, you should go see somebody. is this the black paint?
guy: no, it should be next to the white. here it is!
LMO: seriously, you don't mess around with that stuff.
LMO: and probably you shouldn't hang out with that guy any more.
guy: i'm the type of person that, when i see injustice, i have to speak up about it.
guy: and i think people appreciate that.


anonymous said...

I can see him, this guy. I can hear him.

Amid Privilege said...

I was a guest. Now I have logged in as family.

kidchamp said...

and family you are!

he's amazing. i met him once before, when i was buying paint pens for a bachelorette party rock-decorating ritual (he was super-into it), and he spent ten minutes telling me about his pet snake (a ball python, as i recall; she was very hungry, much hungrier than he'd thought a snake would be, prior to owning one himself).

Rachel (heart of light) said...

I like that you have an art store buddy with good stories. I only have an art store nemesis (although recent furtive peeks while walking past have led me to believe that he might have been fired. Karma - you are good!).

gracie said...


Rob S. Parham said...

So, the other guy drinking the soda, was that the injustice?

kidchamp said...

unclear to me.